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Termotek GmbH

termotek is a manufacturer of laser cooling systems.

We produce:
- Air-to-water heat exchangers for low-power lasers
- Air-to-water compression coolers for medium-power diode lasers up to 200 watts
- Air-to-water compression coolers for high-power diode lasers and CO2 lasers
- Water-to-water heat exchangers up to 50 kilowatts

- 19 inch rack
- Standalone devices
- OEM-design for integration into laser systems
- Special custom-made designs


- Semiconductor industry
- Laser marking systems
- Medical devices
- Plastic welding with laser
- Laser sintering

- Central cooling control
- Durability
- Dependability
- Optimised for the customer, the facilities, and the system

Our customers appreciate our employees’ high level of expertise and they value working with us as a technology partner. We work together with our customers to produce tailor-made solutions.
Termotek is established brand name in the laser market. In the diode laser sector, Termotek AG is the market leader with a share of 75%. Some 40,000 Termotek coolers are currently in operation worldwide.
Termotek was founded in 1998 by Frank Domnick. Termotek initially developed cooling systems for scientific lasers. It quickly branched out into industrial applications and now manufactures cooling systems through series production.

Termotek GmbH, Im Rollfeld 6, D-76532 Baden-Baden, Phone +49 (0) 7221 9711-0