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History of Termotek GmbH

Termotek was founded in 1998.  Since the founding, Termotek has experienced phenomenal growth at an unprecedented rate.

You can find out about Termotek history and important milestones here.


Juli 2017

Aufgrund der anhaltend positiven Geschäftsentwicklung gibt die Termotek die Erweiterung ihrer Produktionskapazitäten bekannt. Auf einem 13.000 Quadratmeter großen Grundstück in Haueneberstein entsteht bis Ende 2018 ein komplett neues Werk. Die Büro- und Produktionsflächen werden annähernd verdreifacht.(Zeitungsartikel lesen)

Oktober 2014

Termotek AG changes its legal form to Termotek GmbH with the Register number HRB 720499 at the Country Court Mannheim. As the new Managing Director of Termotek GmbH Mr. Peter Hirsch is appointed by the Board of technotrans AG.

September 2014

At 1.9.2014 Frank Domnick leaves after 16 years as founder and CEO the Termotek AG.

2011, January

January 1st 2011, technotrans AG takes over Termotek AG. technotrans is from Sassenberg, Germany, is systems supplier focusing on applications in the printing industry.

The two companies have been working successfully together in the development, purchasing, production and sales areas since 2010.

May, 2009

Termotek gets the exclusive sales rights for a brand new 24 v miniature compressor from Aspen Llc, U.S.  Termotek is proud about this cooperation.
With this small compressor new products and new markets will be possible.

October, 2008

Termotek AG is launching a new product series, P800. 

These stand alone chillers are designed for 1 to 18 Kilowatt cooling performance.

The Termotek P800 Series has been designed to meet the new requirements of passively cooled laser systems.

September, 2008

On 1st September 2008 Termotek AG celebrated 10 years of success.

The 10th birthday of the company was a welcome opportunity to invite customers, suppliers, partners and friends of Termotek to an atmospheric party. 

July, 2008

31st, July, the Termotek E-Shop has gone online.

Our customers can now purchase spare parts and accessories, on the internet.


January, 2008

Termotek is launching the new ECO chiller Series.
The Termotek E Series has been designed to meet the new requirements of passively cooled systems. The E Series of Termotek Chillers is based on the well known P300 Chillers. The components used are identical to those in the P Series.
This ensures high quality and reliability.

November, 2007

Frank Domnick, founder and chairman of Termotek AG, has been voted into third place in the competition for "Mutmacher der Nation" (Encourager of the Nation) by the jury in Germany.
The initiative pays tribute to entrepreneurs with their own personal success stories.

September, 2007

Termotek AG expands its international sales and service network.  The newest sales partner is the company Nicecool, in Korea.  Nicecool is an established supplier of chillers in the Asian laser market.

August, 2007

Termotek AG moves into it's new facility on August 29th, 2007.   The building was completed and ready for occupancy just 7 months after the ground breaking ceremony.  The new facility is tailor made to fit the current needs of the company and those needs well into the future. The premises were so chosen such that the production floor space could be quickly doubled when needed.

June, 2007

The "Laser 2007" in Munich was also an enormous success for Termotek AG. Following "old" tradition, all employees, the directors and supervisory board of Termotek AG ceremonially inagurated the stand on the opening day of the exhibition.

Termotek showed its presence in the laser market as an exhibitor at the "Laser 2007". Myriad contacts were made. As with every show, the Termotek hospitality was enjoyed by every visitor.

The exhibition stand design will be a drawing card - experience a virtual world consisting of an "interactive hole-in-the-ice" projected on the floor.

April, 2007

Frank Domnick is nominated to be a winner of the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg's initiative "Mutmacher der Nation" or "Encourager of the Nation".  The nomination certificate was ceremoniously handed over on April 26th. 2007.  The Termotek AG employees along with Mr. Frank Domnick are proud of this award and the recognition of Termotek's performance.

February, 2007

On 1 February 2007 Termotek AG celebrated with a symbolic ground-breaking ceremony at the building site in Baden-Baden.

The architect is shown with a time capsule, which contains a newspaper, coins and further memories of that day, connected with a short speech hoping for a successful building construction as well as success for the company itself.

Present are all employees of the company: Mr. Eiji Miyanaga (director of FerroTec USA), Mr. Wolfgang Gerstner (Mayor of Baden-Baden), the press and other invited guests. The relocation of Termotek to Baden-Baden gets big attention in the local press.

December, 2006

Termotek grows very fast, thus the next relocation is planned for 2007. Termotek wants to build its own production facility in Baden-Baden, Germany.

March, 2006

In March 2006 Termotek AG and FerroTec founded the USA-subsidiary "Termotek LLC." in Santa Clara, CA, USA.

From the beginning, 3 employees are busy with distribution and service there. The goal: to serve the customers in the USA faster and more efficiently.

August, 2005

Termotek AG trains office clerks and is proud of the achievements of their trainees.

For instance, Elena Walder graduates with a average of 1,3. In 2006 Anja Nass, Guido Noordam and Steffen Fitterer also successfully finish their apprenticeship and were taken on as employees of Termotek.

June, 2005

The biggest event of the year is the success at the "Laser", the most important exhibition for Termotek, in Munich.

Termotek convinces its customers though quality, with its special hospitality and the originality of its stand.

July, 2004

In July the employees are proud of a record delivery.

January, 2004

Termotek AG moves into a building in Hardbergstrasse in Rastatt, Germany, which can withstand the growth of the company until 2007.

June, 2003

Termotek AG exhibits at the "Laser" in Munich again. All employees are represented at the stand and have the chance to inform themselves about the laser market.

May, 2003

The work group Laser AKL, with its annual meeting in Aachen, Germany, becomes a communication site for Termotek and its customers.

January, 2003

Extract of a presentation of the CEO, Frank Domnick, on the occasion of a company-internal meeting at the beginning of the year ...

Start position 2003

  • Very good chances in the market
  • High technical potential
  • Personal basis present
  • Willingness to change
  • Earning power too low
  • Internal structures – to be reworked
  • Chance of becoming THE industrial partner
  • Set many things on the right track
  • Good team spirit

adolescence fini

June, 2002

The rooms in the ZIP in Rastatt, Germany become too small again. A relocation is planned for the following year.

May, 2002

Strategy meetings in a scenic environment and unconstrained atmosphere become a firm part of the company culture.

Top management returns to the company strengthened with new ideas, clear goals and a high team spirit.

February, 2002

Termotek AG counts on first-class quality and establishes its own quality management system, which has been ISO-certified for the first time in 2002.

June, 2001

The first exhibition for Termotek at the "Laser" in Munich.

The employees arrive for the first day to represent their stand and get to know their customers personally.

April, 2001

Termotek with its own stand at the Hanover fair, the first exhibition for the young company.

March, 2001

Termotek is working constantly on developing new products and developed this test bench which made it possible to test Termotek chillers more efficiently before they are delivered to our customers.

October, 2000

October 27: foundation of Termotek AG.

August, 2000

The employees of the company celebrate the first "family day". All employees' relatives are welcome and have the possibility to get to know the place of employment and the activity of their family member. The "family day" turns into a popular annual tradition.

July, 2000

The press takes notice of the fast growing company resulting in a flood of articles and reports.

June, 2000

June 1st Strategy meeting in Todtnauberg, Germany. New goals and visions were developed.

May, 2000

Relocation to ZIP in Rastatt, Germany with approximately 1,000 m2 floor space.  At the end of the year 23 employees were employed at Termotek.

March, 1999

The market reaction regarding the new manufacturer, which focuses on laser cooling, is positive.

By the end of March 1999 the order backlog was higher than the budgeted annual turnover of DM 750,000.

September, 1998

Foundation of Termotek Laserkühlung GmbH (Termotek Laser Cooling Ltd.) in Söllingen, Germany (Baden-Airpark) with 3 employees on 180 m2 floor space.

Frank Domnick decided to turn his previous sales company into a production company. Reason: He wanted to react faster and more flexibly to the customer requirements in the fast growing laser market.

Termotek GmbH, Im Rollfeld 6, D-76532 Baden-Baden, Phone +49 (0) 7221 9711-0