Our Corporate Philosophy

High quality and reliability are paramount at Termotek.

The company's success is not only dependant on the satisfaction our customers have with the products but also that we surpass their expectations.

This secures our existence and our growth.

We serve our customers.

The requirements, expectations and needs of our customers are the center of our attention and actions.

We treat each other with respect.

Equality along all levels reins amongst ourselves and we cultivate an open dialog especially in contact with our customers.

We like what we are doing and we do it well.

What we are doing at the moment gets our full, undivided attention, because we like what we do and we want to do it even better.

Our thoughts and actions are solution oriented.

Solving a challenge is in the foreground. The function and expectations has to be reassured – improvement and optimisation come subsequently.

We are responsible for our products and how we produce them – from the beginning to the end.

We take responsibility for our actions above and beyond the product itself all the while dealing responsibly with humanity and the environment.

Termotek GmbH, Im Rollfeld 6, D-76532 Baden-Baden, Phone +49 (0) 7221 9711-0