Our Quality Policy

Lasers can not be used without appropriate cooling. A laser can possibly be destroyed if the cooling circuit is disrupted while the laser is being used. Hence, the highest operating safety and reliability are basic requirements for our cooling systems.

Thus we place a high value in continued betterment in all company sectors.

Because we are certified to DIN ISO 9001, our Quality Management System is able to assure transparent processes while finding weak points and rectifying them accordingly and quickly.
(Please have a look at our Certificate DIN ISO 9001 termotek GmbH and technotrans group- PDF)

Our production is UL-certified.
(Please have a look at our UL Authorization - PDF)


Our employees make an important contribution keeping our products up-to-date and on a high quality level. We know the market requirements. This allows us to provide the best solutions which meet these requirements. Further education and training is part and parcel of our quality policy. This helps us to not only find failures but to recognise failure sources in an early stage but is a maxim for all or our employees from the production line to upper management.

We pledge to uphold all legal and official regulations concerning our products. Protection of our environment and a sensible use of resources have the highest priority for our production.

Our suppliers make a significant contribution to assure the quality of our products. The cooperation between Termotek and its suppliers is such that the suppliers are always able to live up to their expectations.

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