Product Overview

Our products range from air-water heat exchangers for small lasers – commonly used in the medical field, air-water compressor based chillers commonly used for diode lasers in the middle range of performance (up to 200 W) through to air-water compressor based chillers for high powered diode lasers.

We also have a range of non-compressor based water-water chillers.

Our chillers are delivered plug-and-play, easy to use and maintain and are highly reliable.  We also design and build OEM units for specific customers that want to integrate the chiller into their laser system.

Our chillers guarantee a temperature stability of ±0,1 K.  The units are designed for de-ionized water, thus can be used for active and passive cooling.  The conductivity of the water can also be monitored and controlled to a desired level.



P1000 Smallest compressor based chillers, direct cooling systems, up to 1.5 kW

P200 Water – water heat exchanger 1 to 25 kW

P300 19'' slide in rack chiller 200 W to 2 kW

P500 Air-Water heat exchanger  1–4 kW

P700 Customer specific OEM chiller solutions

P800 Stand-Alone chiller 1  to 18 kW

ECO 19'' slide in rack chiller for passively cooled systems

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Aspen Miniature compressor

The smallest and lightest rotary compressor ever developed for refrigeration systems. Aspen variable speed refrigeration compressors are designed for connection to 24V DC power supplies and primary use with refrigerant R134a.

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Central Chiller Control

Specifically designed chiller controller which combines the control of all input and outputs for the chiller such as temperature control, ambient conditions dependant fan speed control, conductivity measurement and control, hours of operation, general chiller status.

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Test and measurement tool (P900)

Test fixture: System to test chiller functions such as cooling power, stability, and flow rate.

Measurement fixture: Measurement tool for hydraulic values, such as flow rate, pressure drop, etc. (these values are recorded as a data file via a built-in interface).

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Spare Parts and parts subject to wear

Depending on the function, the water filters should be changed periodically, and if applicable, the DI cartridge.

The life-time of rotating components is limited.  The pump is especially subject to wear and should be cyclically replaced.

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Additional technical extras/options to standard chiller series like Conductivity monitoring, flow measurement and other.

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