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Central Chiller Control

Specifically designed chiller controller which combines the control of all input and outputs for the chiller such as temperature control, ambient conditions dependant fan speed control, conductivity measurement and control, hours of operation, general chiller status.

This controller can be monitored and operated via a standard RS232 interface software.


The screen above depicts a chiller with the following components and features:

01 Flow sensors 1 & 2
02 Temperature sensor return to chiller
03 Conductivity control. The valve highlighted in black shows a closed codition, yellow – open
04 Pressure sensor
05 Temperature sensor to laser
06 Conductivity sensor
07 Ambient temperature sensor
08 Compressor
09 Hot gas bypass valve
10 Air exhaust temperature sensor

All relevant sensor values can be read directly from the program screen, i.e. indicating current chiller status.

The program has the possibility to read out and record all relevant chiller data. With our assistance, an analysis of these records allow for a quick error diagnosis for your specific application.

Available Downloads for CCC:

On demand we send you additional information regarding our central chiller Controller.

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