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Termotek GmbH Chillers

Our chillers guarantee a temperature stability of ± 0,1 K.  The units are designed for de-ionized water, thus can be used for active and passive cooling.  The conductivity of the water can also be monitored and controlled to a desired level.

Our products range from air-water heat exchangers for small lasers – commonly used in the medical field, air-water compressor based chillers commonly used for diode lasers in the middle range of performance (up to 200 W) through to air-water compressor based chillers for high powered diode lasers.

We also have a range of non-compressor based water-water chillers.

Our chillers are delivered plug-and-play, easy to use and maintain and are highly reliable.  We also design and build OEM units for specific customers that want to integrate the chiller into their laser system.


P1000 Series

Smallest Compressor Based Chiller air-to-water
Standalone or 19'' up to 1.5 Kilowatts

The small compressor based Termotek chillers are based on 24V speed driven compressors, especially Aspen and Masterflux.
All electric components 24V. Multi voltage power supply.

Miniature Direct Cooling, Customized (OEM)

The miniature direct cooling is based on the 24V speed regulated Aspen compressors. The speciality of this system is that the Freon is direct evaporated into a stainless steel plate and keeps it temperature stable.
A water circle is not necessary what makes the whole system user friendly, smaller and service friendly.
All the electric components are 24 Volt DC driven.
The P1000 Direct Cooling will be designed to the layout of the laser module.


Stand alone chiller 1 to 18 Kilowatt

The P800 Series of Termotek chillers is based on the
well known P600 Chillers.
The Termotek P800 Series has been designed to meet
the new requirements of passively cooled laser systems.
The components used are identical to those in the
P Series. This ensures high quality and reliability.


Compact stand alone enclosure.
High temperature stability.
Reliable operation.
Low noise and vibration levels.
Low maintenance.


19" slide in rack chiller 200 W to 3 kW

Air-Water cooling via a compressor. Temperature control via a PWM-hot gas bypass.  Available also in a Water-Water configuration.

E Series

Air - Water Chiller 300 W - 2.8 kW

The E Series of Termotek Chillers is based on the
well known P300 Chillers.
The Termotek E Series has been designed to meet
the new requirements of passively cooled laser


Water-water heat exchanger 1 to 25 kW

Chilling is performed by passing the laser water through a heat exchanger which is also attached to primary (house) water. Functional requirement: a ∆t of at least 5 °C is necessary between the secondary circuit (laser water) and the primary circuit (house water). Temperature control via a proportional valve.


Air-Water heat exchanger 1–4 kW

Cooling water is cooled via forced ambient air.
Environmental design owing to the closed coolant water circuit.
Replaces fresh water supply.
Very good price/performance ratio.
Robust and reliable design.
Low maintenance.


Customer specific OEM chiller solutions

Customized chiller design to fit customer specifications.

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