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Additional technical extras/options to standard chiller series

Conductivity measurement & monitoring

Conductivity monitoring of the coolant water

Conductivity control

Regulating the conductivity by set point (+/–1 µS/cm)


Replaceable cartridge in water bypass (0.35 l or 0.5 l)

Ambient temperature sensor

Ambient temperature measurement via PT100

Cooling power measurement

Additional temperature sensor on return flow


Start-up heating of the coolant water at low ambient temperatures (< 15 °C); 500 Watt

Pressure measurement & monitoring

Pressure sensor on chiller outlet

Water bypass for flow adjustment

Adjustment of max pressure for flow adjustment

Second flow sensor

Second flow sensor for an additional water circuit or another part of the internal water circuit

Air filter

Air filter in side panels 140 µm

Special voltages (up to P410)

100/115/208/230 VAC switchable

Other pumps available

Please contact Termotek Product Management

Customised design

Please contact Termotek Product Management

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